2021 Edition

Please set aside 30-45 minutes to complete this form.
Write down the purpose of your brand - the mission and vision statement.
Your core values are 100% connected to your purpose – they also shape your identity and the content you create. They are the pillars of every message you deliver. Your brand identity—defined by the values that your company considers integral to its existence— is the source from which all other aspects of your brand will flow. Every single one of them needs to be something your business cannot survive without.
Your brand personality traits exemplify the overall tone and attitude you use to deliver your values and your message to the world and are often a point of important differentiation between you and your competitors. Your brand personality is what builds an emotional connection with your customers.
Use this space to come up with words & phrases you want your audience to remember you for. Come up with 3 words, 3 phrases and 2 hashtags. The goal is for you to implement consistency into your message & to make sure it is always on point.
Your positioning statement is your entire brand strategy boiled down to a few sentences. The goal is for you to have something short, but powerful, that will always remind you what you stand for, who you serve and what makes you special to your ideal clients.
The 4 Parts Are:
  1. ideal client
  2. market definition (your niche)
  3. brand promise
  4. reasons to believe in your brand
The goal of your tagline is to provide your audience with an indication of your brand and what you can do for them, while still leaving some mystery. You will be using this 1-sentence tagline to introduce your brand / yourself in live videos, interviews and media appearances, as well as live events.

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